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Książka Modern jazz voicings z p?yt? CD - Pease Ted, Pullig Ken

Modern jazz voicings z p?yt? CD

Autor: Pease Ted, Pullig Ken

Wydawnictwo: Hal Leonard
Stron: 132
ISBN: 9780634014437
EAN: 9780634014437
Kategoria: Muzyka

How do you get that modern jazz sound?
Performers and Arrangers: Add color, character, and sophistication to your chord voicings. Learn to use fourths, clusters, upper-structure triads, and other advanced arranging and performing techniques for three to six parts.

This is the definitive text used for the time-honored Chord Scales course at Berklee College of Music. Through a step-by-step process with exercises and recorded examples, the authors guide you through the intriciacies of deriving non-tertial voicings from the right chord scales and applying them to various musical situations.

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